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Ames Taping – Level 3 finish
Plastering – Level 4 finish
Spray Plaster – Level 5 – Flawless Finish

Speed – Up to 5 time faster than traditional plastering

Mess free – Material is pre mixed and packaged with no water required

1% wasteExcess material is recycled and used again

Superior finish – Surfaces are sanded to a smooth White finish making it almost snag free

Versatility – Material can be applied to a variety of backgrounds including, plasterboard, pre cast concrete and previously plastered surfaces

King Specialist Coatings, 1st choice for Spray Applied Plaster. Residential, Private, Commercial, Large Construction Sites, New Build Homes.

Ready-mix plasters are a rapid, cost-effective alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. Machine plastering is up to three times faster than traditional plastering methods and gives a superior result allowing us to complete large projects in a fraction of the time taken using conventional plastering techniques.

The spray plaster material boasts fire, acoustic and thermal properties that exceed traditional plasters and can be applied directly onto surfaces that would normally need a primer.

Clean, perfectly sanded with mechanical flexed sanders, it’s smooth sanded white finish leaves near perfect results. The product is delivered in ready mixed bags, so no water required, meaning no spillages, no mess, and on major commercial works its time process compared to traditional skimming is double the speed, and finished in white and to a very high standard.
  • Key Features

Fast applied system – up to 1.000m2 per week can be finished by a three man team.

Supplied pre-mixed for spray application. There is therefore no need for on-site mixing thus reducing mess and the need for an on-site water supply.

Can be decorated after only 24 – 48 hours

Can be used on thin joint block systems, pre – cast panels, aircrete panels, concrete, brickwork, composite boards and refurbishment over previously decorated surfaces.

Different finishes available: flat & smooth, textured, leathered, combined or rollered

Can be applied by the same teams applying paint finishes

Fexible products – less likely to crack than plaster skim coats

Offers moisture resistance so suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and changing areas.

Water-based product, non-damaging to health or the environment

One of the leading spray plastering contractors in the United Kingdom
King Specialist Coatings – Spray Plastering Specialists
With the recent innovation of spray plastering within the construction industry, King Specialists Coatings has emerged as one of the leading contractors to utilise this technology providing a rapid, cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional plaster techniques.

Harnessing the technology of machine plastering, King Specialist Plastering offer a service that is three times faster than conventional plastering methods coupled with a modern efficiency and finish that is second to none.

We are committed to offering customers in the UK these advanced methods of plastering convinced that the future lies in these innovative and ultimately more sustainable methods. This system of plastering has been very successful through-out Europe and through our ongoing dedication to these techniques, we aim to increase the market-place awareness in the UK.

Spray Plaster projection systems are a groundbreaking benefit for various industries.

We provide a high quality projection plastering service to both the commercial and residential sectors.

Schools, Nurseries, New Build Houses, Renovations, Shopfitting, Residential, Construction, Hotels.
Key benefits of Spray Plastering:

Reduced costs due to speed and efficiency
Suitable for most types of background including concrete, blockwork, brickwork, plasterboard and previously plastered surfaces
Our Knauf readymix plasters are less prone to cracking than normal plaster, minimising any follow-up snagging work.
The plasters are available in smooth and textured grade, in a white finish –so there is no need to decorate.
Find out more about the projection plastering services offered by King Plaster Specialists The spray plaster material boasts fire, acoustic and thermal properties that exceed traditional plasters and can be applied directly onto surfaces that would normally need a primer. Our highly skilled and experienced team have secured and completed projects for a variety of building sectors.

Airless Spray Plastering – Plastering by machine – Plasterer spraying – Spraying on Plaster – King Spray Plasterers – Glasgow Plasterers.

Airless spray plastering is a fast, clean and astonishingly easy way to apply plaster to a wall. Surfaces can be dry and ready to paint in 24 hours, and with no mixing beforehand and minimal cleaning up afterwards, the advantages over conventional wet plastering are clear.

Airless spray plaster systems use a special fast-drying plaster compound applied with an airless spray gun. Unlike traditional wet plaster there is no need for mixing with water – it comes ready to spray, saving you prep time, hassle and mess. Even better, the plaster is white, which can save an undercoat (and its associated time and cost) too.

Why come to us for airless spray plastering?

King Specialist Coatings is a specialist in airless spray plastering systems. We have been using them for many years, and have extensive knowledge and expertise in how and where they should be applied. We have strong links with the manufacturers of all the leading airless spray systems.

King Specialist Plastering Spray Applied System

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