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Our specialist Power Washing team along with the most up to date equipment available can deliver outstanding cleaning results.

High-pressure cleaning services

Our commercial high-pressure jet washing services cover the cleaning of exterior surfaces from car parks, patios, communal areas, walls, windows, signs and more.

The specialised pressure washing systems we use can be adjusted to enable us to clean almost any surface, including the removal of graffiti and chewing gum.

High Power Jet Wash cleaning doesn’t require any chemicals, which means it is an extremely eco-friendly way of cleaning.

When carrying out these commercial high-pressure jet washing services we ensure no damage to the property or surfaces. We take care of the surrounding area, using warning signs and following our stringent health and safety procedures.

We can provide our industrial high-pressure washing services and jet wash cleaning across Scotland.

Softwashing UK specialise in the cleaning and treatment of commercial buildings. 

We have proven expertise in delivering on large scale projects in both the public and private sector, large office blocks, industrial units, education facilities, retail, new build housing, and housing association property portfolios. We also perform custom treatments and restorations on listed buildings.  We operate UK wide directly or through our network and can work on projects of any size, scale, or duration.

When the exterior walls, floors, or roof of a commercial building begins to stain and change colour, the cause is very often organic. Atmospheric moulds, like mildew, are growing on, and in, the surface of your home or workplace, alongside countless other fungi,  bacteria, lichens, moss, and algae which can cause the problem. Organic atmospheric growth causes cosmetic changes of colour and mouldy deterioration, and as well as looking unsightly, the deep rooted nature of these unpleasant growths can mean that, if left untreated, they cause long term structural damage too. Up until now, high-pressure cleaning has been the only service treatment option available to get rid of organic growth. This relies on blasting the stain, literally, off the surface. Unfortunately, the combination of heat and high-pressure required to do this properly can damage surfaces including render, brickwork, guttering, stonework, tiles, roofs, patio, and solar panels. High-pressure treatments often leave infecting spores behind too, as the high-pressure wash cannot penetrate the surface to eliminate the infection, so a costly clean up is needed again sooner rather than later – often in a matter of weeks.

Softwashing changes all this- it thoroughly removes building infections in one treatment in all but the worst cases, without the risk and damage of high pressure. Softwashing is a revolutionary technique pioneered across the USA and EU, using the simple power of chemistry to safely and sustainably remove mould, fungus, and bacterial infections that can blight roofing and building exteriors, as well reverse the cosmetic damage caused by graffiti. Fully approved to the UK’s exacting health and safety standards, Softwashing is scientifically proven to be both a safe and environmentally sound solution to the problem.

If you’re looking for a contractor to clean your building or facade using the DOFF system as stated in the specification then you’ve just stopped by the right place.
We carry all our own equipment which means we can get to you quickly no hassle.
Doff steam cleaning is a professional exterior cleaning method that uses superheated steam to delicately clean all types of exterior substrates to the very highest of standards without the use of high-pressure or chemical being applied to the surface. The combination of low pressure and high temperature enables our exterior cleaning experts to delicately remove all types of surface dirt, pollution staining and biological matter including algae, moss and fungi, with all biological spores being killed during the cleaning process there is no need for chemicals like biocide to be used for the removal or as a protection from further biological growths. Operating on extremely low water flow the Doff steam cleaning systems cause no saturation during the cleaning process and cleaned surfaces are dried within minutes with immaculate results visible instantly.
Doff steam cleaning is by far the most thorough and safest way to clean any type of natural stone patio and is the only method that we use or recommend to any of our customers that are looking for a professional finish. The 150C eco-friendly steam vapour that is produced by our Doff machine can effortlessly remove the most stubborn of stains that high pressure jet washing simply can’t! including oil, paint and the most common patio black spot. Our patio steam cleaning service is so gentle you can be sure that there is no risk of damage being caused to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing that can quite easily be inflicted under high pressure washing, patio steam cleaning provides the most thorough, effective and safest patio cleaning service available.

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