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Our service is not industry specific and is available to any business sector that has a lift, including offices, retail, hotels and leisure premises. Our painting systems enable for all surfaces, including stainless steel, to be effectively recoated. Included within our paint offering are all of the colours contained within both the RAL and the British Standard colour coding systems. This means that our lift door spraying service can be used as a means of finally bringing your lift in line with your brand appearance, or as an opportunity to change colours completely.

When performing lift door spraying on behalf of our customers we take every effort to ensure there is no resultant damage to the surrounding area. This is achieved through an extensive preparation process, prior to the commencement of spraying. Once complete, our preparation will ensure that all areas that are not being sprayed have been masked. This measure serves as a guard against overspray and offers the optimum surface on your lift doors for us to apply our hard wearing two-part acrylic finish.

We wish to assure you that our work will result in the minimum possible level of disruption to your business. One way in which we assure this is, where possible, completing all our work outside your business hours, this includes working either at night or on the weekend. All our lift door spraying services are completed onsite and in-situ.

We operate throughout the UK and can work in retail, commercial and domestic properties outside of normal working hours to spray lift doors and their associated surroundings. Scratches and stains will cease to exist once we have worked on the surfaces and any traces of vandalism will disappear. A beautiful finish on lift doors will imbue a feeling of luxury in foyers and other floors in any building.

We have worked with some of the leading distribution organisations in the UK, completing numerous industrial door spray painting to a number of different door styles that have included roller door spraying, delivery door spray painting and fire door coatings.

Our range of commercial shutter door spraying techniques have allowed us to implement our skills far and wide – travel is no issue here. We simply want you to be happy with the quality of coatings you have had completed.

We specialise in the paint spraying of roller shutter, delivery, lift and fire doors. Our industrial door sprayers are able to prepare the underlying substrate correctly, prior to a full coating. This simply must be completed. When a new coat is applied it forms an incredibly strong bond, proving the industrial door with long lasting protection.

Using Electrostatic the lift doors will be brought to life and display a smooth solid finish.

Lift doors and surrounds often have a lot of cosmetic damage that needs to be rectified. We offer a full lift door spraying and lift surround coating service to help you manage this easily.


Due to the extensive use of these door types, the coatings can become worn more frequently than desired. We have a number of delivery door spraying services available to help maintain this.


Our fire door coatings use specialised paints that include fire retardants and fire resistants. The aim of the fire door sprays we provide aim to prevent flames spreading over a given area.

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