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King Specialist Coatings Coatings can give ceiling tiles a new lease of life with a re-spray in any colour at a fraction of the cost of replacing a suspended ceiling. We specialise in suspended ceiling spraying of both metal pan tiles and mineral fibre ceiling tiles to revitalise tired ceilings anywhere in the UK. Over a number of years the appearance of a suspended ceiling can deteriorate, but a new ceiling is expensive and disruptive, so our professional service is a great alternative.

Benefits of Suspended Ceiling Spraying

Experts in Spraying a Range of Ceilings

We spray many types of suspended ceilings and soffits including mineral fibre ceiling tiles, plain metal pan, perforated metal pan ceiling tiles, magnagrid and roof deck soffits.

No Disruption to the Workplace

Our teams at King Specialist Coatings Coatings are experienced in paint spraying live environments. We are happy to carry out our work during the evenings and at weekends if that is more convenient, so your business can carry on operating as normal.

We Are Experienced

Working closely with shop fitters, architects, interior designers and construction companies, we have compiled a large portfolio of suspended ceiling spraying projects for many high street and retail stores, supermarkets, car showrooms and offices. Our fully employed operatives are highly trained with years of experience behind them.

Environmentally Friendly

The treatments we use are water based, virtually odourless and environmentally friendly meaning that the area is ready for use within a matter of hours.

Class ‘O’ Fire Rating

Once your suspended ceiling has been re-coated by the King Specialist Coatings Coatings professionals it will have a Class ‘O’ fire rating. This means that the surface is flame resistant and combustibility is limited.

Tiles Will Not Warp

Standard re-painting of the ceiling can adversely affect its visual appearance and may damage ceiling tiles. As an alternative, King Specialist Coatings Coatings offer on-site spraying as the best method of ceiling restoration.

COSHH Registered Colours

A full range of BS and RAL colours are available for ceiling restoration. Furthermore, King Specialist Coatings Coatings can paint suspended ceilings in a variety of COSHH registered colours. These coatings minimise the risk of the public and employees being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Service Available Throughout the UK and Europe

King Specialist Coatings Coatings carry out this work across the UK. All our operatives are used to travelling and working on a wide variety of projects.

The King Specialist Coatings Ceiling Coating Technique

Before a ceiling is sprayed, the working area is masked using polythene sheeting to protect all floors, walls, and furniture. This includes any fixtures within the ceiling, such as light diffusers, ventilation grilles, sprinkler heads and speakers. Large areas may be divided into sections and curtained off to enable our sprayers to work over several shifts.

All King Specialist Coatings employees are fully trained in spraying methods and in the use of access stilts, mobile towers and scissor lifts, so the coating on any ceiling is finished to the highest possible standard using the best equipment and environmentally friendly materials.

Once the area has been de-masked the ceiling will be touch dry within a few hours and it will be business as usual the following morning.

Whether you require our expertise for mineral fibre ceiling spraying or metal pan ceiling spraying, King Specialist Coatings Coatings can help. For more information on our suspended ceiling spraying service please contact us.

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